Europe’s Coolest Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad in Europe provides students with a great opportunity to live, learn, explore, and party in some of the world’s most historic and scenic destinations. Fortunately, there are a few study-abroad sites where you can spend a semester or two visiting without breaking the bank. For anyone looking to spend some of their academic years abroad in Europe, here are a few destinations where you’re bound to have a rewarding time.


Bulgaria is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top destinations, with beautiful Black Sea beaches, fantastic skiing, historical sites, and two wonderful European cities in Sofia and Plovdiv. These two cities are the main locations for anyone looking to study, and both are relatively small in size, making them easy to navigate and get to know, but are vibrant with some terrific nightlife options.


One of Europe’s hottest destinations, Croatia is home to beautiful Dalmatian Coast cities such as Dubrovnik that feature fine medieval architecture, as well as quaint islet towns. Students will most likely find themselves in the city of Zagreb, a capital that is well known for its cuisine, art, and nightclubs where you can find internationally known DJs playing. The city is also a central hub for traveling to various destinations throughout Croatia and Europe.


There are few cities in the world that have the type of ghostly and moody atmosphere as the streets of Lisbon, which contain the country’s most significant sites, including cathedrals, cable cars, and city parks. The city is also home to some internationally recognized folk music, and the Bairro Alto and Santos are filled with hundreds of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Anyone heading south to the Algarve region will find some of the Mediterranean’s best beaches, and resorts with coastal party scenes.


If beaches, clubs, and late night tapas bars are what you’re after, then Spain is the only place for you. Whether you make your way to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, or Seville, you’re going to be happy with the late night and daytime fun that is available to you. Each region of Spain offers its own flavors and fun, from the flamenco and folkloric soul of Andalusia, and the clubs and beaches of popular Spanish spots like Benidorm, to the museums and tapas bars of Madrid, and the lively nightlife and city beaches of Barcelona.


The most popular study abroad destinations in Italy tend to be Rome and Florence, as these two capitals of culture are rich in historical sites, art, delicious food, and nightlife options. While Rome may have a little more variety available, as it is the larger of the two cities, the large number of backpackers and travelers visiting Florence means that there are always people looking to enjoy themselves.