Partying Like a Backpacker

In my most recent blog, I talked about a friend whose family was kind enough to allow me to stay three nights in their home. As the cherry on top, that same friend invited me to a fancy party, for which she had won tickets, at Switzerland’s most expensive hotel, The Dolder Grand.

A modernized castle resting high above the Zurich bustle, this luxurious resort with every amenity you could ever dream up was a bit out of the norm for me, an interesting contrast to the cheap bars and no-cover night clubs I had been frequenting in Zurich’s most appealing locale, the red light district (though not accurate at all, some locals describe this region as the “Turkish slums”). We pull up in her mother’s Audi A3 to find ourselves in the company of countless Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and a blood-orange Lamborghini Aventador (you’ll need to dish out $500,000 for one of your own). The grand staircase and crystal chandeliers were a welcome alternative to the minimalist hostels, to which I have grown accustomed.

As we confidently walked down the stairs as if we were used to this absurdly opulent lifestyle, we were greeted by men donning black tuxedos holding shiny metal trays of Grey Goose cocktails. If the expensive sports cars weren’t enough of an indication that we did not belong, the attire of the other party-goers certainly put us in place. The Hugo Boss jeans I had borrowed from her dad paired with one of my personal wrinkled, purple button down shirts was no match for the classy designer jackets, and undoubtedly trumped by the man sporting a white, frilled jacket, and tight zebra pants.

But once we were led to our blue lit, VIP booth, everything was great. Long story short, after 600 CHF worth of free vodka shared amongst 5 people, poured by our personal bartender, the night was a blur. I’m only kidding — I remember everything, seriously! The dance floor was cougar central (rich husband searching territory), but the alcoholic buzz soon got me going. For hours on end, I killed it on the dance floor (a legend in my own mind). The bumping beats featured songs such as “Timber” and artists such as Skrillex, rendering the Camel cigarette-sponsored party an incredibly rich Bar Mitzvah, but with 40-year-olds grinding on the dance floor as opposed to 13-year-olds.

I contemplated reviewing the hotel for Let’s Go, but I figured that 600+ CHF/night was a bit out of the budget zone. I’d rather spend that type of money on 20 nights at a hostel, a skydiving experience, or college (I hear that debt kind of sucks)!