5 Must-See Camping Spots in America

There is no question that camping is a favorite American pastime. It’s something all generations can enjoy and appreciate. The peacefulness of the woods, fishing for dinner, and unplugging from the many electronic devices that control most modern lives. If you love to camp, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced a number of the top spots in America, but five that you should be sure to see at some point are highlighted here.

The Apgar Campground

This is located in the western United States and the largest campground located nearby the Glacier National Park. It is situated right in a pine forest, with the views of the mountains just past Lake McDonald, which is fed by the nearby glaciers. This campground allows both RV and tent campers; however, it does not make any sort of reservations, which means first-come, first-serve. The campground is family-friendly, offering public bus tours, horseback riding and boat rentals.

The Baxter State Park

If you’re looking for a destination in the eastern portion of the United States, then you should consider the tranquil mountain scenery that is located in Baxter State Park. This is located nearby to Moosehead Lake, which is in Kokodjo, Maine. When you camp here, you can opt to sleep in a cabin, RV or tent all offering views of Mount Katahdin. When in the park you can enjoy activities such as wildlife, boating, swimming and even fun evening events during the summer months.

The Palo Duro Canyon

Even though the mid-part of the Unites States is not mountainous, you will find a number of canyons, with the very best camping spots being located in the Texas located Palo Duro Canyon. There is a switch back road that will carry you to the canyon base, where you will find white and orange striped “Spanish skirts,” which rise up behind the camping area. You can choose the camping experience you want to have, from the primitive campsites, to the stone cabins and RV sites that are present. Many campers opt for biking and hiking, or partaking in the outdoor drama that is performed between June and August.

The Nehalem Bay State Park

If you are planning a camping excursion on the Pacific Coast, then you should check out the Oregon located Nehalem Bay State Park. Here you will find rolling dunes of sand, which are all that separate you from the shore. The campsites in this park offer electricity and water. With the miles of beach that are present, you will find countless water activities, playgrounds and hiking trails.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

If you would like to experience the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches that are only found near the Gulf of Mexico, then this is a definite must see destination. On Santa Rosa Island you will find the Fort Pickens Campground which can accommodate RVs. When camping here you will just be moments from the shower, which will allow you to enjoy boating, snorkeling, swimming and all of the historic sites offered on the island.

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When it comes to camping, there are a number of beautiful locations offered in America. If you love to travel, and camp, then the destinations listed here are likely right up your alley. The fact is that no matter where you go in the U.S. you can find unique camping locations. While camping is essentially the same every time you go, where you camp will change the experience you have. Exploring the U.S. via RV or with a tent is a great way to see the countryside that you may otherwise never experience.