4 Great Adventure Tours for Seniors

Many seniors enjoy traveling, especially after they have retired and no longer have many responsibilities to worry about. For many, it’s also the time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work for many years. There are many different places that seniors can visit, and it can be difficult to make a decision with all the choices. It can also be difficult to pick tours that are geared for the elderly. Apart from these 7 Best Travel Destinations for Older People, here are some of the best tours across the world for seniors.

1. Africa by ElderTreks

The adventurous traveller will enjoy seeing Africa’s landscapes and wild animals. ElderTreks offers adventure travel tours specifically for those who are over the age of 50. Tours are done in small groups to help facilitate things and ensure that each senior gets ample attention and assistance during the trip. Tours are broken down by region and activity levels for each trip is specified so seniors have a better idea of how much action is required.

2. Egyptian Nile River by Row Adventures

This trip takes seniors down the Nile River and back into the ancient world of Egypt is sure to be filled with history, culture and adventure. The classic tour meant for seniors is composed of a five day cruise, trips to well-known sites and discovery of some lesser known treasures. The adventure travel for seniors is set between October and February to correspond with “Miracle of the Sun.”

3. Asia by Seniors Holiday Travel

The Seniors Holiday Travel Club offers guided tours for the elderly in many different locations across Asia. For seniors that have always wanted to explore this side of the world, there are many different tours to choose from. The guided tours for seniors are done in small groups and planned ahead of time. This ensures that the groups do not get too big and that the needs of each one are met. Pick from tours in India featuring the Magical Rajasthan or a trip down the legendary Yangtze River of China.

4. Europe Tours for Seniors by DeNure Tours

Europe is always a hit. Those who are young at heart can enjoy a 14 day trip of the continent with DeNure Tours. The business which has been operating since the 1960s offers seniors a chance to see the best sights of Europe. The trip includes going around Austria, travelling to Germany, strolling around Paris, going to Belgium and enjoying Amsterdam. Like many other tours for seniors, the trip is guided and groups are small and limited to the elderly. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for seniors taking the trip.