Czech It Out: Holešovická Tržnice

In its youth, Holešovická Tržnice served as a site for cattle slaughter – then it got married, had kids, bought mom jeans and now, lives a tamer life as a market for cheap goods, fresh produce and second-hand clothes. A little bit of everything, this marketplace probably looks something like your grandma’s attic, plus bushels of fruit and vegetables. For farmer’s market lovers, Holešovická Tržnice’s Hall 22 boasts a respectable range of quality products by local farmers.  The market is known for its selection of Asian food in particular, so going empty-stomached is not the worst thing in the world. Get some fresh air and fresh fruit – you could always use a little more (vitamin) D.

Open Monday-Saturday 07:00-20:00.

C: Vltavská. Upon exiting the station, walk onto Nábřeží Kapitána Jaroše, which is on the south end of the station. You may have to take the stairs to find the street. Continue down this street until you continue onto Za Viaduktem. Continue walking onto Argentinská. Continue walking down Argentinská and continue onto Bubenské Nábřeží, where Holešovická tržnice will be on the left.