Do it for the Gram! Top Five LA Spots To Keep Your Feed Poppin’

The view from Griffith Observatory.

The view from Griffith Observatory.

Let’s face it. Instagram is a major part of travel culture these days. If you need some fly photos, we’ve got you covered. Hit these spots, serve the looks, and get some likes. Let’s go!

1. Santa Monica Pier

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Santa Monica’s iconic pier, boasting a red and yellow ferris wheel against the baby blue backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, makes for a beautiful beachfront landscape. Even better: Your followers will love it. At night, the water reflects the illuminated ferris wheel. The waves shimmer with the lights of the shops lining the pier.

2. Griffith Observatory

Snap a pic of the LA cityscape as the sun sets behind the Hollywood Sign, leaving behind city lights that actually twinkle like glitter. So many views from the observatory are incredible, yet the building itself, with its Greek and Art Deco architectural influences, shimmering white exterior, and copper domes, is nothing short of majestic. It’s a photographer's wonderland here, whether you’re after pictures of the LA cityscape, the Hollywood Sign, or the observatory itself. Get past the crowds to get a good spot and snap away.

3. Milk Tavern

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A grilled cheese that oozes a rainbow when you pull it apart? A milkshake topped with fruit loops? This desert heaven is a foodstagram paradise. Cotton candy burritos are a sure fire double tap magnet, and the cool plant wall is a great backdrop.  

4. Hollywood Boulevard

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You, fawning over your favorite actor’s star on the Walk of Fame. Or you, crouching down next to their handprints at TCL Chinese Theater. The Hollywood allure on its most famous street is sure to wow the fans in any photo. Low angle does the trick.

5. The Last Bookstore

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With blue walls, big stone pillars, and tunnels and sculptures made entirely out of books, this store is one giant photo op waiting to go on your feed. Sculptures of books don’t just look cool for the gram—they make you look like an intelligent literature buff. Awaken those sapiosexual followers! They’ll be double tapping on your photo and double tapping on your door, too. Someone will slide into your DMs, guaranteed.