Budapest is a city that feels lived in: an urban center that isn’t manicured, where the people you meet, even in the city center, are often as likely locals as visitors.

It’s a place where people unapologetically sit back and enjoy the summer, and although it has an inexplicable amount of advertisements for “Thai massage,” it also has an optimistic amount of gelato stands. Budapest is a city where entire crowds spontaneously climb up and lounge upon the massive steel beams of Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge). After witnessing such a scene, we’re tempted to say “Enough!” with all of the liability nonsense espoused in other countries. If people want to climb all over potentially dangerous public fixtures, then let the people climb! Spending a week scouting out Budapest’s best places to kick your feet up and relax is the perfect way to start off a trip, for above all else, this city reminds you that every once in a while, it’s okay to just stop and take a breath.