Your grandma loves Dubrovnik. Your second cousin twice-removed won’t shut up about his trip here. Your ex-girlfriend’s uncle’s stepfather’s-in-laws are still posting photos on Facebook from their time in the city.

So, what’s the hype? Dubrovnik is drop dead gorgeous. Even if you’re just here for a day, you’ll start looking up Study Abroad options in Croatia and attempt to get a job here. There are beaches, bars, Baroque architecture, and those are the only b’s we need besides beautiful babes. Prices in the city are more expensive, but cheap supermarkets, ice cream shops, and bakeries make budget life bearable. Outside of the old town there are plenty of outdoor activities: climbing Mt. Srđ is a definite favorite. But, let’s be real, you came here for the coast—so pack your suntan lotion, it’s Croatian Riviera time.







 follow gavin on instagram at  @moultobene

follow gavin on instagram at @moultobene


On a quest to commune with his Slavic heritage, Gavin encountered an ungodly number of Yugoslav bunkers, empty bottles of rakija, and communist carbonated beverages as he roamed Croatia this summer. Always equipped with his trusty headlamp and adidas tracksuit, he hoped to gain firsthand experience for a future dissertation on the evolution of Slavic memes. Expect rants about the Venetians, nostalgic poems about glories of pan-Slavism, and a thorough investigation of Croatia’s greatest contribution to the world: the necktie. When he’s not exploring the Balkans, you can find Gavin schlepping his way across Boston to find the best Polish deli, dragging his friends to art museums, and avoiding checked baggage like the plague.