Sweden and Denmark have spent more time fighting throughout history than you and your roommate when there’s only one free shower right before your 9AM.

Though not official, it’s widely believed that no two countries have gone to war as often as these, and Malmö was right in the thick of it all. Positioned just across Oresund from Copenhagen, the city changed hands multiple times, eventually falling under Swedish control for the long haul. The resulting city is diverse and independent with visible reminders of its Danish past such as from Malmöhus Castle and the occasional smørrebrød restaurant. It’s also increasingly young and modern, especially since the completion of the Öresund Bridge, which connects Malmö to Copenhagen. From ancient Gothic churches to Scandinavia’s tallest skyscraper, American-style burger joints to New Nordic Cuisine, and swing dancing bars to hard-charging nightclubs, Malmö has it all. The small city vibe is real here, but, if you ever get bored, Copenhagen is just a short, border control-free (how civilized!), train ride away. That probably won’t be necessary, though. Malmö has sights ranging from brick-building-lined squares to absolutely baffling modern art exhibitions. And for those of you who accidentally booked a ticket to Sweden instead of Spain, fear not: there are beaches here, and two of them are nude. That’s Malmö for you.