Laura is a freshman probably concentrating in Applied Math with a focus on Economics. She really likes coffee and the word "amazing."



When not obsessing over sans serif fonts, extolling the virtues of the proper use of the em dash, and lamenting the loss of the English subjunctive, Cassandra edits her papers, her friends' papers, and her RWs' copy batches. Basically, she lives and breathes words, and resents the implication that the humanities are, like, super easy and not relevant in today's world. (If you can hand in a 2,000 word essay discussing the use of angelic imagery in The Scarlet Letter in the next 24 hours and make it look easy, maybe she'll reconsider that statement.) Even though everyone she knows tells her she "has time," she's 98% sure that she'll (probably) be concentrating in English with a linguistics secondary and Japanese language citation. Outside the office, you can catch her fast-walking from her 10am class to the library, far-off home in Hurlbut Hall, or Tatte. Her spare time has been reduced to the time she spends sleeping, given that she spends many hours doing more writing-related things, like reporting for the News Board for The Harvard Crimson and reading the latest in a long list of classic novels she hopes to finish before it's too late. (Right now, she's reading Moby Dick, but the jury's out on whether she'll finish by the end of the semester.) Cassandra holds the unpopular opinion that Netflix is overrated and that online shopping is far more satisfying. Especially for things she doesn't need, like a new notebook or pair of shoes. Working at Let's Go has caused her borderline-problematic obsession with granola and hard-boiled eggs (don't ask why), but she's okay with that.