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Katie is a junior in Mather House studying English and Economics. In addition to working at HSA, Kathleen is a member of Harvard Women in Business, an executive board member of The Harvard Crimson’s Fifteen Minute Magazine, and Director of Finance for Cambridge Alpha Phi. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her crazy family, watching nature documentaries with her blockmates, loitering in Starbucks until she can snag a free refill, and reading celebrity autobiographies.

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Apart from pointing out comma faults and comma splices (read: two entirely different sins against humanity), Kristine spends her time experiencing some serious wanderlust while reading accounts of her Researcher-Writers’ adventures. Her own adventures, however, consist of fast-talking and fast-walking her way through New York City and pretending to be Miranda Priestley, even though she more often resembles a soft mother duck who gushes over puns and clever allusions to GatsbyUlysses, and Gossip Girl (they’re all the same thing, really, aren’t they?). While she’s not fixing misplaced colons, lamenting the ugliness of passive voice, or adding more punch to a joke that didn’t quite come across, Kristine indulges in the idea that she can someday write the Next Great American Novel — Hemingway style. Jury’s out on if she can truly pull off the whole tip-of-the-iceberg technique (Let’s Go isn’t like that at all, now is it?), but here’s to trying. In the meantime, though, she spends her time writing unfinished short-stories that no one will ever read, reporting for the News Board of The Harvard Crimson, and watching sit-coms such as The Office30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation. And when she’s not reading or watching anything, there’s a 60% chance she’s on her way to pick up some coffee and a 40% chance she’s pranking one of her friends. Mariah, your mattress is across the hall.

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A California native and traveler at heart, Austin spent most of her summer doing something characteristically against her nature—sitting. Though frequently tempted to snag a last-minute deal on Norwegian Air and join her Researcher-Writers across the pond, she managed to remain seated long enough to help make the content you’re reading come to life. This entailed spearheading a redesign of both the cover and the internal layout, editing hundreds of pages of copy, and, most importantly, making sure the creative geniuses behind that copy remained alive (read: sober) long enough to write it. Equipped with an almost-frightening knowledge of Europe and unparalleled navigational skills, Austin is ready to jet off on her own adventure. Next year, she’ll be island-hopping. Now, which archipelago she intends to play hopscotch with has yet to be announced—maybe Greece, maybe the Faroes, maybe New Zealand, maybe Japan—, but you can rest assured that she’ll be more in her element exploring and experiencing the world than interpreting it through a computer screen. In the meantime, catch her discussing domestic and international affairs at the Institute of Politics, designing the daily newspaper for The Harvard Crimson, cultivating her pranayama at one of Cambridge’s many yoga studios, scouring the latest edition of Aesthetica, jamming to FKJ’s newest album, devouring a quesadilla from El Jefe’s, or studying—because, well, apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do in college.

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Nick is a junior in Mather House studying economics. Aside from Let’s Go, Nick teaches a fifth grade civics and government class through the IOP’s CIVICS program, is on the Mather House Committee, and works as a senior staffer for Harvard Model Congress. As a Miami native, Nick spends much of his free time watching his beloved Miami Heat, Marlins, and Dolphins play even though they thoroughly disappoint him every season. In his free time, he enjoys FaceTiming his parents, siblings, and nephews and nieces, all while consuming medically concerning amounts of pizza. Sometimes, he stays up until the wee hours of the night playing John Mayer songs with his roommate and watching Planet Earth documentaries while getting far too emotionally attached to the smaller animals in peril. He occasionally annoys the entire office by blasting The 1975 through his speakers and screaming about Kevin Durant being soft. He also loves his mom and dad a lot.

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Lev is a senior in Mather House concentrating in Social Studies. He appears intermittently in the Let’s Go office to correct everyone’s grammar and spelling. His other summer pursuits include thesis research—that is, reading a variety of dead European philosophers—and making tacos every Tuesday. He’s served as Captain of the Harvard Debate Council and an Editor for the Harvard Review of Philosophy. Given his role at Let’s Go, it would be particularly embarrassing if there were typos in this bio.


Robert is a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. He is interested in studying English, business, and history. After joining the Let's Go team in July of 2017, he took on the responsibilities of entering edits for a significant amount of the written content in Let's Go Europe 2018 and being the spiritual guide in the pod. When he isn't pulling up to the office in his Gel Lyte IIIs, Robert can be found cooking a mean scrambled egg, window shopping on Zillow, or fanboying over Jeremy Lin (whom he ballboyed for when Jeremy played at Harvard).