When we create and organize our Researcher-Writers' summer itineraries, we use a variety of fantastic resources to ensure that our writers have a problem-free time on their routes.

Here are the steps we take when we plan out each of our RW's summer-long trips:

  • In 2017, we sent 15 Harvard student Researcher-Writers all over the world. Our writers spent their summers primarily in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Picking destinations for each writer was a lengthy process, but we learned a great deal about each country in the process! To browse potential travel destinations, click here!

  • The cost of flights vary greatly throughout the year, but did you know that it’s actually cheapest to fly on a Tuesday regardless of the time of year and your destination? We learned so much this summer about finding the safest flights for the lowest prices. For the best deals on flights, click here!

  • Where you lie your head down at night can greatly impact your trip. After a long day of swimming in the Mediterranean or hiking in the Alps, our Researcher-Writers rely on a safe, comfortable area to get some much-needed shut-eye.

    o To explore the comforts of a hotel click here!

    o To experience the culture of a homestay click here!

    o To book a safe and convenient hostel click here!

  • Deciding what to do when you arrive is just as important as getting there. Going to Madrid and camping out in your hotel room isn't very exciting. Going to Madrid and having the most exciting week of your life IS pretty exciting. Check out PlacePass to browse amazing and affordable activities. (Insider Tip: Look for the ones that are Let’s Go Approved!)

  • Before you start climbing mountains and downning pints of beer, we highly recommend that you insure your trip. Life happens sometimes, and unexpected hurdles may come up. To prepare for this, we suggest buying coverage for your flight and accommodations for some peace of mind before you go. We do this for our writers, too! Click here to learn more!