Leyla is a junior with a terrible sense of geography and a notorious penchant for adventuring to states other than Massachusetts on school nights. She has an unfortunate tendency to pick a direction and start walking authoritatively, while having no idea where she is going, which her group typically only discovers once they have been traveling in the wrong direction for at least twenty minutes. When not writing or asking for directions, she can be found singing with the Radcliffe Pitches, at the nearest bouldering wall, and/or consuming enough black coffee to power a small town (okay, so she’s an English concentrator, not an electrical engineer). This summer she will be be exploring Washington, D.C. and most likely pretending to know things about American history and cherry blossoms.



Brace yourselves for an intense gastronomical experience featuring wine, cheese, tapas, and couscous in Eastern Spain, Southern France, and Morocco, courtesy of world nomad extraordinaire: Julia. A proud foodie, linguaphile, art-lover, cobbled-street aficionado, and expert minimalist packer (was easy considering a gust of wind blew half her wardrobe off a balcony three weeks into the trip), follow Julia as she adventures from the glitzy beaches of Biarritz and classiest of Bordeaux’s wine vineyards - inadvertently getting tipsy from the endless wine tastings - to the most isolated villages in Provence and wildest club scenes of Ibiza. Catch Julia asking a chef for “whatever is most typical,” - staring at her plate unsure if she was served a vegetable or a sea creature - and trying to figure out how many times to bisous or beso strangers, doing a back-and-forth head dance to avoid an awkward situation. When she’s not testing out every city-bike system in Europe’s major cities, pedaling precariously with Iberian tapas and French pastries in hand, Julia studies Social Studies and Environmental Sustainability at Harvard. 



Warm Mediterranean sun on the back of his neck, the feeling of sand between his toes on an Italian beach, champagne on a tiled French portico… Wait—Eric’s going where? Iceland and Scandinavia? Shit. He may have to trade in sandals for hiking boots and survive on a diet of sheep’s head and “putrescent” shark meat (seriously, look it up), but at least he’ll get to take advantage of the free education, right? Oh, it’s summer? Well what about the free healthcare? Hopefully not? Okay fine. He’ll just have to settle for hiking behind waterfalls, kayaking through fjords, hiking on glaciers, and fulfilling his mission of finding as much IKEA furniture as he possibly can.



Emily prepared for her travels in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands this summer in a Rocky-esque training montage: speed-eating croissants, running up hills wearing comfortable walking sandals, and bench pressing her 30-liter Osprey travel backpack. However, she realized the intense training may be getting to her when she drop-kicked a box of macarons off the Eiffel Tower, injuring three. For the rest of the summer, she recovered by playing chess with nice Flemish people. She ate frites. She took a silly yet endearing picture intentionally missing the point of the Louvre pyramid with her finger. She is now fully rehabilitated.



Nick Grundlingh is going to spend the summer traveling through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. He’s looking forward to—Sorry, what was that? What’s Nick wearing? That’s his fanny pack. Anyway, Nick is looking forward to meeting—Look, Nick really doesn’t see what’s so funny about it, unless you think keeping your valuables safe is some sort of joke. Now, where was he? Oh yeah. Nick can’t wait to meet new people and—Seriously, guys. Knock it off. You know, in Europe, people make fun of you if you don't wear one. At least, Nick assumes they do. He hasn’t actually been yet. But it’s probably very similar to how he just described it.



After graduating with her History and Literature degree in 2017, Adrian started life in the "real world" armed with her mom's "adventure skort," a funky headband, and an insatiable need for baked goods. She made great sacrifices as a researcher-writer in Greece, southern Italy, and Malta, including an evening spent on a sunset cruise of Santorini and an exclusively pizza diet in Naples. In the name of research, this Cincinnati, Ohio native assessed the strength of two dozen mojitos, used gelato as a meal, and endured "Despacito" a thousand times. Over the course of the summer, she managed to exhaust every adjective to describe "Baroque" and only miss one train. She also managed to lose three pairs of sunglasses and her only jacket. In her spare time, Adrian likes to spin the question "what is your plan?" into a discussion on more pressing topics, such as the struggle to find iced coffee in Rome or Keri Russell's hair in The Americans.



Mia is packing up her set of all seven Harry Potter books and the collected James Joyce before heading off to the U.K., and then getting realistic and replacing them with a flashlight and extra underwear. She plans to find out exactly how much beer is in a pint while gallivanting around Ireland and aspires to show her parents that she is putting her (forthcoming) English degree to use by communing with Shakespeare’s homeland. When she’s not making plans to get the royal family to adopt her, she enjoys drinking coffee and talking about the severity of her coffee addiction.



Continuing with a desire to explore new places that stems from his stints after having lived in 6 different countries, Alejandro has set off on a new adventure in France and Switzerland, in which he will try to discover how much solitude he can take while carrying all the clothes he needs for eight weeks in one hiking backpack. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Alejandro explored the mountains of Switzerland, the beaches of Southern France and indulge himself in the exquisite cuisine both countries have to offer. While not daydreaming about studying abroad, Alejandro likes to spend his time trying to learn to play the guitar or in the library, nestled amongst a tower of books.



On a quest to commune with his Slavic heritage, Gavin will surely encounter an ungodly number of Yugoslav bunkers, empty bottles of rakija, and communist carbonated beverages as he roams Croatia this summer. Always equipped with his trusty headlamp and adidas tracksuit, he hopes to gain firsthand experience for a future dissertation on the evolution of Slavic memes. Expect rants about the Venetians, nostalgic poems about glories of pan-Slavism, and a thorough investigation of Croatia's greatest contribution to the world: the necktie. When he's not exploring the Balkans, you can find Gavin schlepping his way across Boston to find the best Polish deli, dragging his friends to art museums, and avoiding checked baggage like the plague.



Narayan will be trading the gloom and grit of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to the glitz and glamor of Dubai and Abu Dhabi thus summer, surfin’ dunes and praying that his mediocre Arabic skills will prevent him from extreme misunderstandings (they probably won’t). In addition to Let’s Go, Narayan enjoys globetrotting and teaching children through Harvard Model Congress and aggressively checking the “World” section of the New York Times.



Kyle, a rising sophomore at the College and grew up right outside our nation’s capital in Northern Virginia. This summer, he betrayed his home of Washington DC by traveling to New York City to bite into the Big Apple from stem to core. A little weirdly obsessed with travel from a young age, he has written reviews for Yelp and TripAdvisor since middle school, and he put his skills to the test for Let's Go. Outside traveling, he sings with the Harvard LowKeys and enjoys running. So don’t worry, his morning runs in New York City will prevent complete weight gain from all the bagels, pizza, and brunches he consumed.



Emma's 11th grade Spanish teacher told her the most beautiful men in the world live in the South of Spain, and Emma is spending the summer fact-checking that statement. Before her main priorities were sangria, tapas, and the coolest sunsets on the Iberian Peninsula, Emma was at Harvard studying History and Literature while attending to a non-stop, color-coded Google Calendar. She traded all this in for a summer of spontaneous wandering around Spain and Portugal– follow along from every café to outdoor market to giant million-year-old cathedral as she gets progressively more lost on the hunt for her next Instagram.



Caroline Tsai saw La La Land and has been to Disneyland, so she, like, totally understands SoCal culture now. She is trying to integrate “hella” into her daily vocabulary and crop tops into her wardrobe. Since her melanin flew south for the winter, she is determined to tan—so determined that her roommate is “wondering what’s up with all these sun lamps in our room” and “researching the FDA health risks of overdosing on bronzer.” She’s ready to wait outside seedy nightclubs and red carpet venues in hopes of catching a glimpse of starlets and teen heartthrobs. Although she lacks the natural talent and bravado to ditch school to pursue a career in Hollywood, she likes to think of her life as cinematic. At least that’s why she stares dreamily out of car windows and tends to randomly break into song.



Antonia is spending her summer pretending she knows a lot about wine and collecting tourist keychains she has no use for throughout Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she spends much of her time shlepping through the wilderness and enjoys backpacking, kayaking, and low-pressure longboarding (because she's just not good enough to brake efficiently so crowds make her nervous). Catch Antonia eating carbs, looking fly in white Crocs (Crocs is the most innovative company in the world), and pleading for her mom’s REI dividend. Her interests include running a very dedicated Instagram for her dog @lily_the_alpine_pup. Follow along to watch her adventure unfold.



Joseph immersed himself in the culture of Northern Italy, a major departure from his small town Washington State roots. Clad in thrift store shorts, a pair of sneakers, and a T-shirt from the clearance section at REI, Joseph mispronounced his way through Versace, Gucci, and Gianfranco Lotti stores. “Dolce and Bananas?” he sputtered in Milan. “Giorgio Armonkey?” he stammered in Florence. By the time he got to Venice, he decided to get onto a gondola and keep his mouth shut about fashion. Interestingly, though, he had no problem saying “gelato,” “gnocchi,” or “biscotti” when placing his order in an Italian “ristorante.” Apart from his linguistic misadventures, Joseph toiled through the extensive Let’s Go “requirements” like seeing Michelangelo’s David or da Vinci’s The Last Supper, making it through the month mostly in one piece, despite only managing to memorize 114 of the 650 kinds of pasta he encountered.