You came to Scandinavia expecting great things: meatballs, IKEA, ABBA, Vikings, and of course, meatballs.

Well congratulations, you’ve made it to Stockholm: the biggest, baddest, and brightest city in the north. You’ve seen the fjords in Bergen and joined the hordes of cyclists in Copenhagen, but now it’s time to move up to a true metropolis, or, at least, a city with a real subway system. Stockholm is a Scandinavia-traveler’s dream. It’s a bustling city where oxford-clad businessmen in Östermalm rub elbows with hipsters in Söder, where the museums range from old-fashioned (The Nordic Museum) to positively psychedelic (ABBA: The Museum), and where the world’s first bar made from ice coexists with a luminescent tiki bar. Stockholm is the city to visit in Scandinavia, and it draws a crowd to match. Spend some time in one of the city’s numerous hostels (which are the best in Scandinavia), and you’ll meet every kind of traveler, from backpackers who packed three pairs of socks to child millionaires with more suitcases than can fit under a dorm bed. No matter where you fall in the duffel bag vs. three suitcase debate, you’ll find something in Stockholm. Foodies can choose between gourmet coffee and pickled herring, history buffs from crown jewels and ancient cannons, and outdoor adventurers from kayaks and bicycles. One thing’s for sure, though: no matter what you choose, you’ll never be bored.