With a look and feel something between the likes of Paris and Manhattan, Vienna is a dream in the heart of Central Europe.

One of the most open and fun-loving cities in the area, Vienna is also one of the music capitals of the world and boasts a proud history of operatic and orchestral music. Its claim to fame is arguably its ties to great composers from Mozart to Beethoven to the guy who was super jealous of Mozart (what was his name again? Oh yeah, Salieri). Sit endlessly in cafés sipping cappuccinos and eating strudel, stroll major shopping streets, or relax in one of Vienna’s many parks to soak in the city’s spirit. A haven of chic, fashion-forward sun-seekers (who are perhaps less stuffy than those of Paris), Viennais the place to take a risk. Break out those mustard yellow trousers, beige from head to toe like a Kardashian, or try to bring back flare jeans. We still, however, recommend against wearing a fedora, as with anytime and anywhere in the world. (Possibly the only exception is if you are in Cuba, under very specific circumstances. We think you should be Cuban, wearing white and/or linen pants, and your name should not be Pitbull because something about that guy just pisses us off. If you’re racially ambiguous and playing someone Cuban for a movie like Vin Diesel in The Fate of the Furious,that’s probably fine. You didn’t even wear a fedora in that movie, but you’re eternally off the hook, Vin.) With that digression, enter Vienna, land of culture, land of fashion, land of modern European living.  Think New York City, if it were sunnier and more pedestrian-friendly.