In the summer months, the canal is the perfect place to see the city and the river come together.

Wide walkways give lots of room for foot traffic, biking, and roller blading. Friends and couples out for a stroll often sit on the edge of the canal wall and dangle their feet above the water. Check out the canal area next to Schwedenplatz square. Here, you’ll find beverage and snack stands with sand areas and lounge chairs for reclining in the sun (somebody call Corona because it may be artificial, but we found our beach). Nearby, the Badeschiff Wien offers a pool above the river, a restaurant, and a sun deck. Be aware that more forested parts of the canal may be unsettling areas to walk alone at night.

Pool day-pass at Badeschiff €5; most of the access points are stairs, but there are occasional cars down there so there has to be a ramp somewhere