409, 2015
  • Lisbon Let's Go 3

Following the Tracks in the Opposite Direction

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You’ll see them winding down the hills of Portugal’s capital, creaking through stoplights, past ancient cathedrals, across shady avenues. The sleepy yellow trams of Lisbon—iconic, enduring.

Right now I’m riding number 28E to Martim Moniz, following the entire route. Dusk is falling, we’ve already hit the third stop on our journey, and the tram is near empty, which surprises me. Usually when I see this tram in particular, it’s filled to […]

409, 2015
  • Philippines Let's Go

What 100 Days In The Philippines Has Taught Me

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The air conditioner is the most prized item in any household, beating out memory foam mattresses, hot showers, and Dexter, the family dog.
While I debatably travelled across the world to wallow in the bright Filipino sun for a summer, apparently I’m alone in my mission. The Filipino opinion? The sun is bad like the demon. Avoid the demon at all costs and always carry an umbrella in case you are […]

309, 2015
  • Paris

10 Tips for a Cheap Solo Weekend in Paris

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Subtitled: the blind leading the blind; I actually spent 175 Euro but I wouldn’t have had I done the metro better and bought fewer pastries.

Yes, look at hostel prices, but also look at the online reviews of hostel breakfasts. If it’s good, it will add value. If it’s not good, you’ll effectively pay twice for breakfast. Which brings us to…
Eat only two meals […]

309, 2015
  • Bordeaux Let's Go

Wine Tasting for Idiots

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That time I was taken to wine school in Bordeaux.
I will be the first to admit that I know essentially nothing about wine. I know that wine exists, and that it is often referred to as “red” or “white,” and beyond that I’m pretty much at a loss. So, during my stay in Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, it seemed appropriate that I would take a wine tasting […]

309, 2015
  • Turkey Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Art of Bargaining

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Admit it, we all secretly want to be that overconfident dude who walks into the street market and gets whatever price he darn well pleases.
He knows he’s going to get that fez for some smooth lines, a grin, and maybe a 50% markdown on an off day. Really, who needs Black Friday or early bird specials if you can make up your own discount? But before you go plunging into […]

209, 2015
  • Interlaken Switzerland Let's Go

Outdoor Heaven: 8 Tips for Enjoying Interlaken

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Two weeks in Switzerland and all I had seen were clouds and cement. It was as if the sun was playing a sick joke on me, a prolonged, upsetting tease.

What is supposedly one of the most breathtaking, picturesque countries was hidden from me. It was so upsetting that I began directly speaking to the sheet of gray moisture hanging over my head, willing it to move. A friend who recently […]

109, 2015
  • arancina bomba

Arancina Bomba

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You should probably answer with an “oh my fucking god give me some food.” Then maybe you’re ready for the arancina bomba.

My hostel owner told me about Bar Touring. He told me they had enormous arancina that tested even the bravest warriors. Um challenge accepted. Known as “la bomba,” or the bomb, these mammoth arancine are about half a kilo in weight. Can’t metric? That’s a little bit more than […]

109, 2015
  • Cat Paris

Extreme Budget Travel: Day 1 in Paris

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Paris has been covered on this blog/site/everywhere else in the universe, and since everyone covering it is more knowledgeable/competent than I, I’m going to take this time not to talk about sights, but to out myself as an extreme budget traveler.

I am an extreme budget traveler (let’s repeat this). This is honestly part of the reason why I am studying abroad in Morocco and not a more traditional place. The […]

3108, 2015
  • Italy_Naples_Chiesa+di+Gesu+Nuovo

Naples: Putting on a Facade

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A visit to the Chiesa di Gesu Nuovo
Venite Adoremus – “Come, let us adore him.” It’s a line you can find above the front door to a bunch of churches around here.

Not so much at the Chiesa di Gesu Nuovo. I picked up more of a  “stay back or I’ll poke you” vibe from this facade.

This church reminds me a whole lot more of Gotham than it does of God. Maybe […]

3008, 2015
  • New Zealand Summit Let's Go

Top 10 Movie Filming Locations to Visit

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 So you’re a traveler and a movie buff. High five.Whether you’re on top of this year’s blockbusters or rewatching It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas, congratulations on your excellent taste in hobbies. As undying fans of travel, cool people, and popcorn, we humbly suggest these ten awesome places to visit…that also might appear in your favorite scenes.

10. Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA—Dances With Wolves

There’s a reason they call it […]