3008, 2015
  • New Zealand Summit Let's Go

Top 10 Movie Filming Locations to Visit

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 So you’re a traveler and a movie buff. High five.Whether you’re on top of this year’s blockbusters or rewatching It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas, congratulations on your excellent taste in hobbies. As undying fans of travel, cool people, and popcorn, we humbly suggest these ten awesome places to visit…that also might appear in your favorite scenes.

10. Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA—Dances With Wolves

There’s a reason they call it […]

3008, 2015
  • Halong Bay Let's Go

An Excursion to Halong Bay

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We start the cruise by shotgunning a beer on the top deck of the boat. Welcome to Castaway.I wasn’t scheduled to go to Halong Bay. But hang around Hanoi long enough and you’re bound to be asked almost daily if you’ve either gone or are going on a cruise out to the island chain. Fun fact: there’s rumored to be 1,969 islands, which has nothing to do with actually counting […]

2908, 2015
  • Lisbon Let's go 2

Looking for Christ in Lisbon (And Not Finding Him)

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There’s a large statue of Christ that peers over Lisbon from the south side, across the Tagus river. It’s like the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, except Lisbon’s was finished later.
The statue was commissioned as a gesture of gratitude, gratitude for God, who did not force Portugal to enter the Second World War. (Although, Salazar, Portugal’s president at the time, actually bargained and traded with both the Allies and […]

2808, 2015
  • Hitchhiking Southern france

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Southern France

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I’ve been exploring France for about a month now and, believe it or not, I’ve somehow met substantially more non-French people than natives of the country.

The common denominator between the French folks I have met, however, is a passionate dislike for the public transportation system in this country. I myself hadn’t experienced many problems with the transit system until today.

Having checked the bus schedule online several times, I was planning […]

2808, 2015
  • Buenos Aires

Top Five Things to Do in Buenos Aires

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 It only took a week for Buenos Aires to transform me.

My predilection for chocolate was quickly trumped by a love of dulce de leche. Steak replaced basically all other food groups. Cash wasn’t taken out of ATMs, but rather exchanged with shopkeepers for a blue market rate. And most obviously, it was winter. In August. And by winter, porteños (as Buenos Aires residents are called) mean about 60 degrees Farenheit […]

2708, 2015
  • Zurich Switzerland Let's Go

Partying Like a Backpacker

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Turning up in Switzerland’s most expensive hotel.
In my most recent blog, I talked about a friend whose family was kind enough to allow me to stay three nights in their home. As the cherry on top, that same friend invited me to a fancy party, for which she had won tickets, at Switzerland’s most expensive hotel, The Dolder Grand.

A modernized castle resting high above the Zurich bustle, this luxurious resort […]

2708, 2015
  • Spain Cordoba

Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Some scams are pretty easy to spot, even for the most inexperienced of travelers. The man standing outside his restaurant thrusting a multilingual picture-book menu in your face as you pass, for instance, isn’t fooling anybody with his claim that the food is “best in city, good price.” Others, however, are a little more subtle in their price-gouging. Here are some of the most common ways to get cheated out […]

2608, 2015
  • Paris Metro Let's Go

Break it Down Now: The Parisian Metro

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Sure, your French may be a bit rusty, and everyone looks like they stepped out of a magazine, but don’t be intimidated—the key to the heart of any city is through its symbolic, underground stomach.
Save your monies for those buttery croissants and travel through Paris like a native. Maybe you’ll get lost on the way, or maybe you’ll end up sitting next to a sweet French boy (or maybe we […]

2508, 2015
  • Italy Assisi let's go

Two Days in Assisi

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That’s not a ton of time, but there’s not a ton of Assisi.

The sky was gray on when I arrived at the train station, and I figured it would be best to spend the next few hours checking off as many sights as I could, just in case the imminent rain would stick around through the next day. Turns out I was half-right: rain would not stick around till the […]

2408, 2015
  • Lisbon let's go

I Might Not Make It Out Of Lisbon… Ever

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I’ve found a rival to Madrid. Lisbon—Lisboa, in Portuguese—home to windy streets, steep hills, colorful urban art, and a sparkling blue river that pours into the Atlantic.

I read the book A Night Train to Lisbon (or at least attempted to read it) about five years ago, and though I can’t remember much about the plot, or the characters, or the tension, I do remember the feeling the book gave me […]