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507, 2015
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O Ye Of Blogging! Hearken To My Blog; Be Not Ill-Instructed For Indeed Blogging Be It, If Of Lofty Countenance; For Those Of Blog Skepticism, Be Not Afeared: 16: Chill

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As near as I can tell, typing from within the second-story window of my mom’s friends’ flat while the first rain/lightning/thunder combo in recent memory goes on outside, Amsterdam has been a blast. Beyond the itinerary—two humid days of writing from the bottom bunk, a […]

507, 2015
  • Turkish Coffee Let's Go

The Heartwarming Hospitality of Turks

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I’m a tough kid, but I’m also a tiny Asian girl traveling alone for the first time.

So before arriving at the airport and having a short and salty, “Wah-I’m-all-alone-and-my-boyfriend’s-jacket-will-stop-smelling-like-him-in-two-days-I-don’t-know-how-to-say-toilet-in-Turkish-What-if-underneath-my-college-coolness-I’m-actually-just-a-middle-aged-Korean-fanny-packed-visored-squabbly-tourist-lady-when-I-go-abroad-What-if-a-minaret-falls-on-top-of-me-and-crushes-me-What-if-I’m-as-allergic-to-Turkey” cry, I prepared for several imaginative “worst case scenarios.”

What I didn’t prepare for was the absolutely […]

507, 2015
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That Time I Jumped Out of a Plane (+Sassy Rainbow Bird).

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G’day bunnies,

Just as Americans love frying and the French love pouting, Australians love placing themselves in a charming array of life-threatening situations for the sole purpose of bragging to friends about the size of their balls. Or their…ovaries? I’m not pre-med.

It makes sense, then, that you […]

407, 2015
  • praguearts

American Broads

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4th of July – the anniversary of our emancipation from British governance, the start of something new (High School Musical? No?), the birth of America – or specifically, of white America. I couldn’t find a bald eagle to make out with or a minority group […]

407, 2015
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The 4th in Trogir: Or, the Decline of the American Empire

By |July 4th, 2015|0 Comments

There’s an article in today’s New York Times about a town in Westchester County that’s fighting to block construction of a large CVS; years earlier, they stopped Starbucks from coming to town. It’s easy to talk shit about such global, soulless corporations, but let me […]